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Re: Picts on PowerPC

In article <3g96nd$k3i@rand.org>, burdorf@nntp.rand.org (Chris Burdorf) wrote:

|I have an MCL application that displays pict files to the
|screen.  It runs just fine on a Quadra, but when I port it
|to the PowerPC, it makes the system crash.  Does anybody know
|what the differences are between the two machines regarding
|the display of Picts?  Anybody have some example code they'd
|be willing to share which displays Pict files on the PowerPC?

Check out oou13 from ftp.cambridge.apple.com

It works just fine on the powerMac, and is extremly easy to use besides. 
There's documentation and everything. :-)
Look under pict-svm for the stuff you want.

-- "TANSTAAFL"  Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu