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comm toolbox file tools

I am trying to use the "comm-toolbox.lisp" file from the cambridge
archive to do xmodem file transfer.  After I load this file into lisp,
however, it can't seem to find any file-transfer tools or terminal-tools.
Here is what tools-of-type says:
  ? (tools-of-type :|fbnd|)
  ? (tools-of-type :|tbnd|)
  ? (tools-of-type :|cbnd|)
  ("Apple Modem Tool" "AppleTalk ADSP Tool" "Serial Tool" "VersaTerm Driver Tool")

On the other hand, my Versaterm program allows xmodem, kermit, and
all kinds of stuff, indicating to me that at least it has access to
such tools.

Why can't MCL find any file transfer (or terminal) tools?  Don't some of these
come with System 7.1 (e.g. like the connection tools do)?  Have I not loaded
or installed something correctly?

Help would be appreciated,

-- Bob