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Selling Lisp

Hello fellow lispers.  I am in the process of convincing my organization that 
lisp is good language to use for application development.  We all know the 
advantages of lisp with respect to being an excellant prototyping environment.  
I am looking for ideas on how to present a case for developing applications 
originally in lisp and when necessary, using a translator to take it to C.  I 
hope to compress development time using this approach.  a list of companies 
which do this or simply use lisp would help in persuading my fellow engineers 
who are primarily non-lispers.

Of course, lisp vendors are ideas are welcome since you must market lisp.  But 
I am also looking for specifics with respect to current use in industry.  The 
feeling here is that lisp is an obscure tool only appropriate for acedemics.  
Obviously this is not true, but I need some facts to back this up.  In 
particular, any defense contractors out there that use lisp would be helpful.  
Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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