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new_by_name failing?

I am trying to do a quick (and hopefully not too dirty) conversion of an
application from SC++6.0 to SC++7.0 with the new TCL.  I have a dialog
(CDLOGDialog) with a RadioGroupPane.  When I try to start the dialog
new_by_name( "CRadioGroupPane") fails.  It appears that the new function
attribute of the class info class for CRadioGroupPane is nil.  I assume
I'm missing something obvious, but what?  Can anyone help?  (Information:
I am running SC++7.0.4 on a Q650).


P.S.  Apologies in advance if (as I would suspect) this question has been
answered before.

Chris Reedy, Workstation System Engineering Center, Z667
The MITRE Corporation, 7525 Colshire Drive, McLean, VA 22102-3481
Email: creedy@mitre.org  Phone: (703) 883-7183  FAX: (703) 883-6991