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Re: Help with menu enable/disable and temp. dialogs

In article <1995Feb2.195748.14157@ptolemy-ethernet.arc.nasa.gov>,
chucko@kronos.arc.nasa.gov (Chuck Fry ) wrote:

> This works when switching between long-lived windows, but it has a
> problem when one of the menu operations calls GET-STRING-FROM-USER.
> The temporary dialog box pops up over the Modeling window, and the
> menus are correctly (?) deactivated.  But when the dialog box goes
> away, the menus are NOT reactivated.  The only way to get them back is
> to select another window, then reselect the Modeling window.

Try the following hack, If it works ask bug-mcl for something like
menu-enable or modal-dialog patch


(in-package :ccl)

(eval-when (eval compile)
  (require 'level-2)
  (require 'defrecord)
  (require 'sysequ)
  (require 'toolequ)
  (require 'backquote))

(let  ((*warn-if-redefine-kernel* nil))
  (defmethod modal-dialog ((dialog window) &optional (close-on-exit t)
                           &aux ret)
    (#_FlushEvents #xfff7 0)
    (let* ((*modal-dialog-on-top* *modal-dialog-on-top*)
            #'(lambda (&aux (event *current-event*) (what (rref event
                (unless (eq (window-layer dialog) 0)
                  (set-window-layer dialog 0))
                (unless (and eventhook
                             (if (listp eventhook)
                               (dolist (f eventhook)
                                 (when (funcall f) (return t)))
                               (funcall eventhook)))
                  (if (eq $mButDwnEvt what)
                    (%stack-block ((wp 4))
                      (let* ((code (#_FindWindow (rref event
eventrecord.where) wp)))
                         ((eq code $inMenubar)
                            (progn (#_SetCursor *ARROW-CURSOR*)
                                   (setq *interrupt-level* 0)
                                   (menu-selected (#_MenuSelect (rref
event eventrecord.where))))
                            (#_HiliteMenu 0) t))
                         ((%ptr-eql (wptr dialog) (%get-ptr wp))
                         (t  (#_Sysbeep 5) t))))
                    (if nil ; (or (eq what $keyDwnEvt) (eq what $AutoKeyEvt))
                      (when (menukey-modifiers-p (rref event
           (*processing-events* nil)
           (*interrupt-level* 0))
      (declare (special *eventhook* *processing-events*))
      (declare (dynamic-extent *eventhook*))
      (let (ms)
            (setq ret (multiple-value-list
                         (catch '%modal-dialog
                           (set-window-layer dialog 0)
                           (setq *modal-dialog-on-top* dialog)
                           (window-show dialog)
                           (setq ms (update-menus-for-modal :disable))
                             (event-dispatch t)))
                         (abort () :cancel)
                         (abort-break () :cancel))))
            (if (eq (car ret) :cancel)
              (throw-cancel :cancel)
              (apply #'values ret)))
          (setq *modal-dialog-on-top* nil
                *processing-events* t)      ; delay events until the
window-close is over
          (let ((*menubar-frozen* nil))
            (update-menus-for-modal :enable ms)
            (if close-on-exit
              (window-close dialog)
              (progn (window-hide dialog)
                     (set-window-layer dialog 9999))))))))

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