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Re: Help with menu enable/disable and temp. dialogs

In article <1995Feb2.195748.14157@ptolemy-ethernet.arc.nasa.gov>,
chucko@kronos.arc.nasa.gov (Chuck Fry ) wrote:

|Background: I'm a relative newcomer to the Mac and Mac CL, but have
|been programming in Common Lisp for about 8 years.
|Our application has several windows.  One of these windows, the
|Modeling window, is supposed to enable its menubar menus when it is
|the active window, and disable them when it is not.  I naively did
|this by calling MENU-ENABLE and MENU-DISABLE within :AFTER methods on

Perhaps an alternative would be to use the :update-function slot of the
menus themselves to update the menus.

-- "TANSTAAFL"  Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu