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Re: QuickTime freeze problem

In article <199502070356.TAA15619@digitool.com>,
 <owner-info-mcl@digitool.com> wrote:
>The other problem I call the "QuickTime/freeze" problem.  Our clients 
>complain that when they use our application to create a QuickTime movie,
>they can then view the QuickTime movie only up until the point when they
>quit out of our application.  If they re-launch our application and try to 
>view the QuickTime movie, the Macintosh freezes.  This problem we have 
>been unable to recreate on our Macintoshes!  Has anyone experienced 
>anything like this?

This is almost certainly the not-well-known problem with certain
apple-bundled disks and the Apple disk driver.  If they're using
a disk that came with the system, then this could be the problem.

If the disk fails to complete a "SCSI Reconnect", the pre-System-
7.5 disk driver loops indefinitely instead of timing out and
reverting to synchronous mode.  The fix is to launch the "Apple
HD SC Setup" that comes with 7.5 on the Disk Tools floppy (or
folder on CD-ROM), click "Update" and then restart.  This
procedure, which writes a new version of the disk driver onto the
disk, is not done automatically by a System install; it must be
done separately by hand.

The bug seems to show up mostly with disk access patterns in
which a large amount of data is read at one time.  I've seen it
when playing QuickTime movies and when running with VM turned on.

Dave Yost