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Re: string-width error?

In article <...> rees+@pitt.edu (Ernest T Rees) writes:

 > All string-width really does is multiply the length of the string by
 > the char width.  You can do this yourself rather than using string-width
 > repeatedly.  (If you are using a variable-width font, either approach will
 > give increasingly erroneous results and the length of the string increases.)

No it doesn't.  As evidence consider the following cases I just tried:

  (ccl::string-width "IIIIII" '("helvetica" 12 :plain))  => 18
  (ccl::string-width "WWWWWW" '("helvetica" 12 :plain))  => 66

Thomas A. Russ,  USC/Information Sciences Institute          tar@isi.edu