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Re: Subview performance problem

>I'm having a performance problem with subviews. I have a window of 1000
>subviews and it takes 27 seconds to build before you can start editing
>it. Scrolling is really slow even in Quadra. How to speed it up?

Perhaps you could group your subviews and have a little hierarchy. If you
really need that much items, consider implementing them from scratch using
traps. the following code should give you a start. We did this for all our
windows that would have required thousends of dialog-items.


(require :quickdraw)
(require :scrollers)

(defstruct stupid-but-fast-text-item

(defclass scroller-with-stupid-but-fast-text-items (ccl::scroller)
  ((list-of-stupid-but-fast-text-items :initform nil :accessor window-items)))

(defmethod visible-p ((ich scroller-with-stupid-but-fast-text-items) item)
  (declare (ignore item))
  ;replace this with real code

(defmethod draw-all-stupid-items ((ich
    (a d m l)
    (font-info (view-font ich))
    (declare (ignore  d m l))
    (with-port (wptr ich)
      (dolist (item (window-items ich))
        (when (visible-p ich item)
          (let ((position-x (stupid-but-fast-text-item-position-x item))
                (position-y (stupid-but-fast-text-item-position-y item))
                (text (stupid-but-fast-text-item-text item)))
            (#_moveto position-x (+ a position-y))
            (with-pstrs ((pointer text))
              (#_drawstring pointer))))))))

(defmethod view-draw-contents :after ((ich
  (draw-all-stupid-items ich))

(defun test-it (n)
  (let ((scroller nil))
    (make-instance 'window
      :view-subviews (list
                      (setq scroller (make-instance
                                       :field-size (make-point 1000 1000))))
    (dotimes (x n)
      (push (make-stupid-but-fast-text-item
             :position-x x
             :position-y (* x 11)
             :text "Test")
            (window-items scroller)))))

(test-it 100)