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A plethora of MCL questions

I am sure these questions are oft asked.  I have looked throught some of
the MCL archive, but it's a time consuming process.  Maybe we should
index it and make it searchable?

Also, the questions below might lack adequate background for an
appropriate response.  Let me know.

* Does anyone know what is a good (or even decent) way to blast a string
onto a simple-view (actually a scroller) _while filling it_.  As it is I
have a kludge, which is as fast I could make it (which is to say not
very).  I could not find a function in the manual.  I can fill oval and
rectangles all right, but not much else.  I am not using a fred-mixin

* On a related note:  I have metered stream-write-string and it's a bit
faster than write-string.  Is there something faster (e.g.  a system

* Is there some code somewhere which shows how to capture stream output
for really fast redisplay? (e.g. call the display function once, output
it to some records of some sort and that's it- a la CLIM output

* Currently scrolling using the arrows is absurdly slow.  I am using the
stock scroller code that comes with MCL.  Any suggestions?

* Finally, and most puzzling, is the following problem:

I have a file which contains a large number (~100) of home-made macro
calls like:

(define-frob hopping-frob :color :blue :temperament :fickle)

_Everytime_ I try to load it or compile and load it, MCL crashes, and
shortly thereafter my Mac itself crashes- actually my MacIvory crashes
first then my Mac.  

The buffer evals fine when I do it manually.  That code compiles and
loads fine under Genera 8.3.  Does MCL have a problem with those, or is
it just my code doing something weird?