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Re: A plethora of MCL questions

At 3:20 AM 2/13/95, Benjamin Renaud wrote:
>I am sure these questions are oft asked.  I have looked throught some of
>the MCL archive, but it's a time consuming process.  Maybe we should
>index it and make it searchable?

Digitool is looking into this, for both the mcl-info archives and
the code contributions directory. Any suggestions would be welcome.

>Also, the questions below might lack adequate background for an
>appropriate response.  Let me know.


>I have a file which contains a large number (~100) of home-made macro
>calls like:
>(define-frob hopping-frob :color :blue :temperament :fickle)
>_Everytime_ I try to load it or compile and load it, MCL crashes, and
>shortly thereafter my Mac itself crashes- actually my MacIvory crashes
>first then my Mac.  
>The buffer evals fine when I do it manually.  That code compiles and
>loads fine under Genera 8.3.  Does MCL have a problem with those, or is
>it just my code doing something weird?

It is important that you specify which version of MCL you are using,
any patches you have installed, what type of Macintosh is involved,
and related configuration information (virtual memory, etc.) when
reporting problems.

As far as diagnosing the crash problem, it would help to have some
idea of the nature of the macros in question, or a code fragment
which reproduces the problem.

- Steve Hain

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