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MCL ftp site now at Digitool

The MCL ftp site has been moved to Digitool.  This includes the
directories: contribs, patches, interfaces, docs, and comp.lang.lisp and
info-mcl mail archives.

The organization of the ftp site at Digitool is presently the same as it
was at Apple.  We will be introducing some organizational changes, and will
keep you posted as they happen.

Thank you for supporting MCL.

Hazem Sayed

Digitool, Inc.
                          675 Massachusetts Avenue   Cambridge, MA 02139   USA
                           Internet: hsayed@digitool.com   AppleLink: digitool
                                         Tel: 617 441-5000   Fax: 617 576-7680
                                                 URL: http://www.digitool.com/