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Re: low-level system events

At 17:09 2/14/95, Steve Hain wrote:
>>I'm doing some low-level assebly drawing stuff that I want to
>>disable if my application is not in the foreground. Right now, I do it
>>when the window that I'm drawing in gets deactivated, but if I have
>>a screen saver, the window isn't deactivated and will keep drawing
>>over the screen saver!
>As far as I know, screen savers don't "come to the foreground" like
>applications, and therefore do not deativate windows. I believe they
>just take over the WIndow Manager's grafport, and invalidate the entire
>screen when they are deactivated. I don't know how you could check for
>a screen saver running from MCL; perhaps someone else has a suggestion.

The major screensaver players (including Berkeley, with After Dark) have
defined a collection of Gestalt selectors related to screen savers.  [I
currently use the monitor's off switch as a screen saver, so I can't get
"live" info for you.]  A check with Berkeley Software Systems should
produce a document...it might also be in a suitable part of the info-mac

In addition to one which indicates which screensaver is in use, some of
them provide another which is the address of a function you can call to
obtain and set various status information.

That won't help you with the latest my-first-ever-Mac-code screensaver.


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