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Re:Find AShare & machine name

You can obtain the Mac's name with a call to #'machine-instance, a function
that's documented somewhere in the Lisp language.  MCL will get the name right,
whether running under System 7 or System 6.
Here is some code that returns your current zone:
(defun get-my-zone-name ()
  (let ((zone-name "")
        (result nil))
    (%stack-block ((zone-buffer 33))
      (rlet ((xpb :XPPParamBlock
                  :ioCompletion (%null-ptr)
                  :ioResult 0
                  :ioRefNum #$xppRefNum
                  :xppRetry 3
                  :xppTimeOut 4
                  :csCode #$xCall
                  :xppSubCode #$zipGetMyZone
                  :zipBuffPtr zone-buffer))
        (%put-byte zone-buffer 0)
        (rarset xpb 0 :XPPParamBlock.zipInfoField 0)
        (rarset xpb 0 :XPPParamBlock.zipInfoField 1)
        (#_GetMyZone xpb #$false)
        (loop while (= (pref xpb :XPPParamBlock.ioResult) 1))
        (setf result (pref xpb :XPPParamBlock.ioResult))
        (cond ((= result #$noErr)
               (setf zone-name (%get-string zone-buffer)))
              ((= result #$noBridgeErr)
               (setf zone-name "*"))
               (setf zone-name "Uknown Zone")))))
In MCL 2.0.1, System 7.1:
Is there a built-in function or trap call that returns the AppleShare
zone name and machine name for the machine on which you're running
MCL?  (Yes, I'm a Mac novice.  "RTFM" is an acceptable answer,
provided you tell me which FM.)
 -- Chuck Fry   Chucko@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov