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Re: QuickTime freeze problem

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yost@rclsgi.eng.ohio-state.edu (Dave Yost) writes:

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> >The other problem I call the "QuickTime/freeze" problem.  
> The bug seems to show up mostly with disk access patterns in
> which a large amount of data is read at one time.  I've seen it
> when playing QuickTime movies and when running with VM turned on.

Now, on the off-chance that this is related, here's something I found
in comp.sys.mac.graphics:


On Sat, 28 Jan 1995 12:10:38 -0800,
 Kent Sandvik (sandvik@apple.com) wrote:

: I still suspect something else, as I'm running System 7.5 with both
: 840AV and 6600AV, and I mount CD-ROMs every day as it's part of my
: Try to narrow down further the inits and extensions you load, maybe
: there's another conflict, maybe something we all need to know about.

        In fact, this is not a problem related to QuickTime
as-is. This is a problem with the CD driver --- if there is no CD in
drive, then it seems Apple probes the drive every ten seconds or
something, and if this happens during an async IO that QuickTime is
doing (or
any other program, mind you) then the freeze will occur. Solution?
Leave a CD inside your CD-ROM player. Audio or data CD, it doesn't
matter. As long as a CD is mounted on the desktop, you won't suffer
from the problem.

        I first experienced this problem while using Anarchie during
long FTP transfer, and reported the problem to Peter Lewis who told me
this. I was then able to duplicate the problem with about every other
software, mostly those who do long async IO operations...


 David Lebel, Assistant technique     e-mail: <lebel@iro.umontreal.ca>


Hope this helps,

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