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Re: MCL, CLIM & Powerbook

At  7:54 2/12/95 -0400, BALLS@medcolpa.edu wrote:
>Before I buy a powerbook 540c, what is the likelihood MCL 2.0.1 &
>CLIM 1.1 will run on a powerbook 540c? The sole intended use of the
>powerbook would be to run an MCL/CLIM appication with image size of
>13 MB. The application also uses WOOD. Are there any problems with
>WOOD on the powerbook 540c.

I didn't see an answer to this go by, sorry if this is a redundant message.
Yes, MCL 2.0.1 works on a 540c (I use it on a 280c, but I've also tested it
on the 540c).  I haven't used CLIM 1.1 myself, but if it runs under MCL on
some other hardware, it should run on the 540c.  I do use wood on my
duo with no problems.

MCL runs about equivalently on a 540c to a Quadra 950, except for floating
point which is MUCH slower (since the 68LC040 chip has no FPU).

>I thought I remember these questions being asked in part before, but
>I don't remember the answers.
>Thanks, Sheldon
>Sheldon S. Ball