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Re: Community of MCL Practice: combining MCL and Mosaic

At 9:06 PM 2/1/95, Rainer Joswig wrote:
>But what I wanted to suggest for some time:
>How about a _user_contributed_online_active_book_ about MCL. The idea is
>to have some authors who would like to write about MCL (or CL)
>related topics and publish these articles through the web.
>Topics could be:
>- Learning Lisp
>- Learning Common Lisp
>- Learning CLOS
>- Learning MCL
>- Programming Paradigms
>- Graphics in MCL
>- MCL multimedia programming
>- MCL and other Macintosh applications
>- Communications programming (serial interfaces, TCP/IP, ...)
>- Porting software to MCL
>- Performance tuning
>- Common Lisp coding styles
>- Source code control
>- Your MCL application
>- A list (and reviews?) of all the software able to work with MCL
>  or specially designed to work with MCL
>- Commercial software using MCL
>Would there be sufficient interest in participating in such an effort?
>This would be largely user driven. So it is up to us. It is nice to see
>all these interesting things that can be done or have be done with MCL.
>But we have to increase visibility. Let people get access to the ideas.
>What do you think?

An excellent idea, that Digitool would like to assist in seeing happen.  An
interactive document that combines the collective expertise and experience
of the MCL community would be useful to all of us.

I suggest brainstorming about it (its structure, content, authors,
contributors, needed tools, etc.) via info-mcl.  At a later point we can
spin off a separate work group that periodically reports back to the MCL
community.  Digitool will participate, as appropriate.

Hazem Sayed

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