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Re: MCL crash on 540c, floating pt processor not installed?

At 5:01 PM 2/23/95, William Murray wrote:
>When I load MCL on a powerbook 540c and evaluate the files to
>support Apple events or an eval server, the 540c crashes with
>the following error message:
>  Floating point coprocessor not installed
>and I have to restart.
>Does anyone know whats causing this and how to fix it?  Any help
>will be greatly appreciated.
>  -Thanks,
>         Bill

Upgrade to MCL 2.0.1, which fixes this and many other problems. You can do so via anonymous FTP from ftp.cambridge.apple.com (look under /pub/mcl/patches) or from APDA for $25. The latter approach has the advantage that you get a CD-ROM with update contributed code and don't have to spend time applying the 2.0->2.0.1 converter.

- Steve Hain

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