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hardcopy - on sys7.5?

I've just switched to system 7.5 and found that the hardcopy
functions I've been using don't work, giving:

> Error: Can't load printer.
> While executing: ccl::prchk

The file I was using was print-u.lisp from the User Contributed Code
in the MCL 2.0.1 CD   (file date is Sept.93).
Presumably there has been an update, would a kind soul please advise me on
where a new or replacement file is to be found? 
(Thinks: Will these hardcopy functions change and/or become integrated 
in MCL 3.0 ?)



Dimitri Simos                               dim@lissys.demon.co.uk
Lissys Ltd.                 Tel.(Voice & Fax): UK (+44) 509 235620