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Re: question about double-clicks

>I know that there is a function to detect if a click was the second
>click of a double click, but for the life of me, I could never figure out
>how to tell if a click was the _first_ click of a double click?
>How can I tell a single click apart from a double click if both types of
>clicks should have distinct behaviors? Should I just do the first operation?
>If another click comes in, will my operation stop (it's running during
>event handling time too) and process the second click?

The double-click behavior should be an extension of the single-click
behavior.  [cf the Finder:  first click selects, second click opens]

If you really want distinct behavior, you can use a modifier key
(preferred) or delay doing anything about the first click until the time
for a double-click has expired.

The same sort of argument applies to triple clicks, etc.

   --John (MIT '61)

jwbaxter@pt.olympus.net (John W. Baxter)  Port Ludlow, WA