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choose-file-dialog misbehaving?

This happened when I changed from system 7.0.1 to 7.5
(using mcl2.0.1, Powerbook180c):

choose-file-dialog was placing me in the wrong folder!

 (choose-file-dialog :directory "HD160:")

actually put me inside another folder altogether even thought
the :directory keyword left no doubts!

I found that I could restore normal behaviour by opening up the
'General Controls' control panel and clicking on the first button
under 'documents'. However, I believe the factory setting for
system 7.5 is the second button. This caused me quite a lot of 
trouble, and I'm sure others will find the same.

Do we need a new version of choose-file-dialog, or do we need to
ask Apple to keep the rug under our feet?


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