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Re: chooser

At 11:09 3/2/95, Doug Currie, Flavors Technology, Inc. wrote:
>At 10:33 AM 95.03.02, Byron_Davies-R15546@email.sps.mot.com wrote:
>>Is there a way to connect to a server from within MCL, i.e., without going to
>>the chooser?
>Here's a cheesey way:
>Mount a volume from the server using Chooser.
>Make an alias of a volume on the local disk's desktop.
>Trash the server volume.
>Thereafter, use the alias in place of the server volume name.
>For example, after making "3PIMa" an alias for volume 3PIM on the server:
>(ed "3PIMa:e notes:e.text")
>There are other ways to do it, but this one's quick and easy.

And this way will even dial through using ARA, if that's how the original
"by-hand" mounting was done.  Useful if you're travelling, and someone else
pays the phone bill.


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