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Re: do-nothing macro generates nil nevertheless

 In article <gat-260295131710@milo.jpl.nasa.gov>,
 Erann Gat <gat@robotics.jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
 >In article <3iqno7$mab@news.internex.net>, yost@rclsgi.eng.ohio-state.edu
 >(Dave Yost) wrote:
 >>I've been implementing some debug macros that only
 >generate code depending on what's in *features*.
 >The proper way to do this is to use the #+ read macro, e.g.:
 >  3
 >  #+debug(do-debugging-stuff))

There should be a way to make a macro that can be as transparent
as #+ is when its symbol is not in *features*.
That's what I should have said.

Dave Yost
    @    .com