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Re: Why is my printing so jagged?

At 2:32 AM 3/3/95, Rob Browning wrote:
>I have a routine that graphs a line by "connecting the dots" using a
>#_MoveTo and #_LineTo for each segment.  While this looks fine on screen,
>when I print it to a laserwriter (using print-u.lisp and letting the driver
>handle Quickdraw->PostScript translation) it looks ugly.  The line is very
>lumpy even though I know that the endpoints of adjacent segments are on top
>of one other.
>Why is this, and is there a straghtforward fix?

Just a hunch here, but try printing the image scaled up (keep the
lines thin, though) to a larger area, and then reducing it via the
Page Setup dialog/record.

- Steve Hain

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