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Re: MMM and MCL 2.0.1

In article <dgaxiola-2802950129390001@silent-mobius.mit.edu> dgaxiola@mit.edu (David Gabriel Gaxiola) writes:

   Hi all,

   I've been using MCL 2.0.1 on my PowerMac 6100 for the past few weeks with
   the modern memory manager on.  I've been told/read that for MCL to work
   right, MMM should be turned off.  I've not seen any problems so far.  Am I
   just setting myself up for disaster?  What should not work with MCL 2.0.1
   when I have the modern memory manager on?  In case it makes a difference,
   I'm running System 7.5 and RamDoubler 1.5.1.

Although I have never personally attempted it, my roommate once had, and
said that the screen display was quite messed up with MMM. That was with
7.1.2 though, perhaps I should switch back and try...