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Subject: Balloon Help Woes
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         * apologies if you get multiple copies of this *
         * some of my e-mail to info-mcl is bouncing/disappearing *

I'm having problems with the balloon help in the
"help-manager" file in the MCL library folder.

A.)  In order to implement balloons for my stand-alone application,
(which is distributed without the "MCL Help" file) I need to 
persuade MCL *not* to try and look for the help file. 

However, MCL inevitably presents a dialog saying that the help file
could not be found, and would I like to help it look for it...

I tried (in blithe ignorance) playing with the following:

(defmethod help-resource-file ((a application))
  (get-doc-string-file t))

and changed it to:

(defmethod help-resource-file ((a application))
  (get-doc-string-file nil)) ;; haven't the foggiest idea what the arg is...

and to:

(defmethod help-resource-file ((a application))

This seems to work, it shuts MCL up insofar as menus and menu items
are concerned, so I can implement my own help-string methods for these.
*However*, if I invoke the built-in "Search.." dialog (which I need in my 
application) and try balloon help on that, I get this error:

> Error: Malformed help-spec: 12081
> While executing: CCL::RESOLVE-RESTYPE

I think I've partly traced this to the function  help-tehandle  being
passed a number such as 12081 when it expects a string. But I don't
really understand the low-level code. How can I avoid such errors?
Am I doing a boo-boo by playing with the help-resource-file method?

There are also a couple of other Weird Things, namely:

B.) The descenders are sometimes missing in the help strings. (This seems to 
occur only if balloons are activated for the first time while a modal dialog 
is active on screen). I thought a similar problem had been fixed in 
the past..?

C.) Under system 7.5 only, ballon help will *only* work on the first two 
menu items of any given menu. Just to make things more exciting, 
the balloons for any remaining menu items will sometimes flash on *very* 
briefly just as the cursor *exits* the menu item! 
This problem definitely did not occur with my old system 7.0.1!

It seems that balloon help may need some updating..?
Thanks for any help about help!


Dimitri Simos                               dim@lissys.demon.co.uk
Lissys Ltd.                 Tel.(Voice & Fax): UK (+44) 509 235620