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Re: A Dylan implemented on Common Lisp

In article <3jdh0j$ib4@news.internex.net>, yost@rclsgi.eng.ohio-state.edu (Dave Yost) writes:
>> It would seem to me to be a very worthy university project to
>> build a portable Dylan implementation on top of Common Lisp.
>> Would someone please do it?

This would be a good idea.  Is it possible to define a Common Lisp 
subset that would map into Dylan?  Then all that is needed is 
the CommonLisp-to-Dylan syntax translation, which I think would
be easy.  Hmm, isn't nil /= false in Dylan.  That's hard to fix in syntax.
If the CL->Dylan mapping isn't 100%, maybe we could
push hard to get Dylan changed so it would be.  

Why not make it CL-subset-able?

-Kelly Murray