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Re: A Dylan implemented on Common Lisp

At 10:37 PM 3/6/95, Kelly Murray wrote:
>It's my opinion that non-CL users would not be irritated
>by such things as nil == false, etc.  It's only CL users who really
>care about these things.  I mean if they can deal with C++ ...

Well, Scheme people have strong opinions about nil == false too.

For the record, Apple would *love* to see anyone publish a Dylan-in-CL. 
Dylan isn't proprietary; just let me know when it's done and I'll update 
our web page. Maybe CMU could make theirs available as a starting point?

Where Dylan is different from CL, it's because we had reasons. We can't
make everyone happy, and nothing's ever unanimous, but someone had a good
case for each one. All Scott was saying is that we broke ranks with CL when
we thought it would make Dylan more attractive to the mainstream. That was
the main goal, and CL compatibility took a back seat to that.