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Re: A Dylan implemented on Common Lisp

>I'm sorry, but you have no standing to criticize Fahlman here.  First of

Anybody has the standing to criticize anybody here, I think (so long as
it is not personal). That's the point of discussion. Scott can easily take
care of himself... he's not exactly a shrinking violet. If the guy's criticisms
are off base, and Scott is concerned, I have have no doubt he would let his
concern be known.

Scott Fahlman is a very bright guy who has done an awful lot of work in this
area. And he is reading this list. If a criticism is wrong, and Scott
replies, then we all have the opportunity to learn. If the criticism has
some validity, then we all learn, including Scott. He's Great, but he's
not a God (though he might disagree with that :-)).

				-- Chris.