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Re: A Dylan implemented on Common Lisp

In article <osiris-1003951607450001@slip-2-32.ots.utexas.edu>
           osiris@cs.utexas.edu "Rob Browning" writes:

> In article <D584q4.2E8@cee.hw.ac.uk>, andrew@cee.hw.ac.uk (Andrew Dinn) wrote:
> > If you add on top of this the overheads for CLOS (which is also not
> > layered and hence made Common Lisp an even bigger ball of mud) then
> > you can change thet 12 Mb to 20 Mb.
> I don't know what system you're talking about, but MCL only takes up about
> 2-3 MB even with CLOS, an entire  optimizing *compiler*, and  all the
> Macintosh interface glue.

Whereas to develop with Visual C++ 2.0 under NT 3.5 you _really_ need 24Mb.
I have 20Mb and it shows. Would take Common Lisp anyday, given the choice.

Pete Ward
Mondas IT Ltd