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Re: A Dylan implemented on Common Lisp

jpf@wstar.mil.wi.us (John P. Flanagan) writes:

> instead of delivering last rights, why not breath life into this new
> standard by focusing on the handful of corrections needed to make Common
> Lisp a mainstream delivery vehicle.  We should be resolving all the
> fixes needed for the next Common Lisp standard, not planning for a
> funeral.  Scott Falhman gave up on the process, not the language.
> -- 
> jpf.

This sounds like a very reasonable suggestion to me. Lisp is a
wonderful language. I don't think that being the best bit
twiddler is a prerequisite for being a popular, general purpose
language.  Lisp has been around long enough that lisp vendors
and users should have a pretty good idea of where it comes 
up short, how it might be tweaked to compensate for these
short comings, how it might be modularized or layered, how
it might better interact with popular host operating systems,

Scott McLoughlin
Conscious Computing