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As we moved from AppleLink directly to Internet , we tried to  unscribe from
our old e-mail adress to use the new one. But it does not work !

We have this kind of anwser :

Sub:    Majordomo results: unsubscribe

---- Internet E-mail Header ----
From: majordomo@digitool.com
Subject: Majordomo results: unsubscribe
Reply-To: majordomo@digitool.com
To: GRAME@AppleLink.Apple.COM


>>>>  unsubscribe info-mcl-digest GRAME@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Grame, Lyon,FR,I
**** unsubscribe: 'GRAME@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Grame, Lyon,FR,IDV)' is not a m
ember of list 'info-mcl-digest'.

and  we are receiving info-mcl on our old e-mail adress!

Does anybody has an idea ?



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               69202 LYON CEDEX 01
               Ph (33) Fax (33)
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