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Re: unsubscribe

At 4:40 AM 3/23/95, stephane letz wrote:
>As we moved from AppleLink directly to Internet , we tried to  unscribe from
>our old e-mail adress to use the new one. But it does not work !

info-mcl mail to Applelink is funnelled through an Applelink group
address (info.mcl$) to save its recipients the exorbitant
Applelink<->Internet gateway charge for each message. To be added
or removed from info.mcl$, you need to send mail to me.

I have sent a message to the Applelink group address manager,
requesting to remove you (GRAME) from info.mcl$. You should stop
receiving info-mcl-digest mail on Applelink within 24 hours.