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Re: info

At 10:20 AM 5/23/95, Mohammed Zaidi wrote:
>At 7:40 PM 5/22/95, Robert C. Houser wrote:
>>Please send me info on Macintosh Allegro CL or MCL.
>Dear Sir,
>Following is our product description about MCL 3.0.  We can send
>additional information by post (please send us your address), or you can
>visit our WWW site (see address below).
>Macintosh Common Lisp 3.0 (MCL)


Will MCL 3.0 allow calling foreign functions compiled "model -far"?  MCL
2.0.1 does not.

I have a large, robust, fulltext retrieval engine library that I would like
to call from MCL; once upon a time, it was compiled model mear, and I had
no problem. However, the engine had problems dealing with megabytes of
data, so it now ships as a full 32-bit library on all platforms but
MSWindoze (many varieties of Unix, VAX/VMS, and four versions for the Mac:
MPW and CodeWarrior for Mac 68K and PowerMac, and more ports underway).

To date, the only dynamic languages I have found for the Mac that I am
pretty sure I could get to work with our library are freebies with full
source: I can recompile them and link in our lib.  SmalltalkAgents wants to
load foreign code as a standalone code resource, which can only be compiled
model near.  MCL 2.0 probably has the same problem for the same reasons.

I have visited your Web page, but can find no mention of foreign function
interface features or limitations.

I am very near to deciding my upgrade path from my current Mac IIci at home
is to a low end Sun Sparc (I develop on a Sun Sparc 20 at work), rather
than a PowerMac.  The tools work; home is where I do my skunk works; I need
tools at home that work.

I love MCL, the little I have played with it (used to be a Xerox
Interlisp-D developer).  Would love to be able to use it for something


Tom Donaldson