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Re: info

At 12:09 PM 5/24/95, Steve Hain wrote:
>At 7:45 AM 5/24/95, Tom Donaldson wrote:
>>Will MCL 3.0 allow calling foreign functions compiled "model -far"?  MCL
>>2.0.1 does not.
>MCL 3.0 does not support the far model. You may be able to generate a code
>resource containing your code and access it that way. There are a couple of
>examples (one for Think C and one for Codewarrior C) that implement code
>resource linking schemes in our contributions directory at ftp.digitool.com

I was afraid you were going to say that.

However, standalone code resources must be compiled model near.  This is
exactly the problem I have with SmalltalkAgents: they too can load any
standalone code resource -- standalone code resources are the limiting

Or, are Codewarrior-generated code resources somehow different than
MPW-generated code resources?  Can Codewarrior-generated code resources
contain model-far code?

Can MCL use CFM (Code Fragment Manager) managed code?  If I *could* get
a CFM version of the lib, would I be able to call it?

The developer responsible for the Mac version of the lib expressed interest
in hacking a SOM version of the lib in his "spare time", rather than CFM.
Would I be able to use it?


Tom Donaldson
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