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Any size cursor

As you might know, a system cursor is limited with the size of 16 x 16.
To have a cursor with any size, I used the following way to that:

(defmethod window-update-cursor ((wnd my-window) where)
  (empty-cursor)                       ;; make an arrow cursor invisible
  (copy-image where *current-cursor*)  ;; copy my cursor with 32 x 24 to 
                                       ;; the mouse location
  (when (or (/= (point-h where) (point-h *last-position*))
            (/= (point-v where) (point-v *last-position*)))
    (white-area *last-position* (view-size *current-cursor*) )
    (copy-image new-where *current-cursor*)
    (setf *last-position* where)))

But the moving of my cursor is not smooth, that is, flickering problem.
I use the Max IIfx computer.  Does anyone know this problem and/or
other ways to implement this process?

Thanks in advance.