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AE-targets without PPC Brow

REGARDING                AE-targets without PPC Browser
In the apple-eventtoolkit the function SEND-DOSC has been definied to send
apple events to applications that run on the same machine as MCL.  However, for
an application I am currently working on I need to send apple events to an
application that runs on a remote machine. I know this can be done by calling
the ppc-browser, but really do not want to bother my (potential) users with
I've spent half a day reading IM-VI to learn that I don't understand PASCAL.
Anyone out there adapted create-named-process-target or create-signature-target
to take two additional arguments MACNAME and MACZONE so that it can be used in

(defun send-dosc (command-string macname maczone program-name)
  (with-aedescs (appleevent reply target)
    (create-remote-named-process-target target macname maczone program-name)

or found some other solution to this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Andre Koehorst
Research Institute for Knowledeg Systems
The Netherlands
email: andre@riks.nl