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Contributed code

I think all this contributed software is great.  But I have a problem
with the bundling that some people do.  Packages are much easier to
use if they are unbundled and with as few dependencies on other
packages as possible.  If there is a problem with assuming a standard
defsystem, then that needs to be fixed.  If there is not a good way
to express dependencies, then that needs to be fixed.  

I continue to be surprised by the level and number of contributions
for the Common Lisp world relative to the GNU Emacs Lisp world.
I'm not sure what the reasons for this are, other than that GNU Emacs is
free.  I would think that the Common Lisp world would have things better
organized by now.

Dan LaLiberte
(Join the League for Programming Freedom: lpf@uunet.uu.net)