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Has anyone ported MockMma (Richard Fateman) to MCL2?

  I was just interested in checking out that system, but I haven't succeeded in
making it work under MCL2.  Available at peoplesparc.berkeley.edu, this code
implements a slick Mathematica-style parser (all of this is in the FAQ).

  More specifically, MockMma has the following:

    (:use :common-lisp :excl)

  MCL2 does not have any package under the ":excl" name.  Any hints as to what
this could mean?  I think Franz Lisp must have it.  Thanks for any input.

Bake Timmons, III

-- "...there's nothing higher, stronger, more wholesome and more useful in life
than some good memory..." -- Alyosha in Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)