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postscript file downloading

I've added postcript-file-downloading.sea.hqx in the pub/mcl2/contrib on

Here is the description

;;; This code spools a postscript file to the printer using a little
;;;  free utility from sumi@cuby.mis.hiroshima-u.ac.jp (SUMIYA Takahiro).
;;;  Takahiro utility is called ShowPages (the last version can be found on
;;;  sumex-aim.stanford.edu or its mirrors).  It downloads a postscript or text
;;;  file to the printer using PrintMonitor.  The code below only sends an 
;;;  applevent "pdoc" to the utility.  You can launch the utility to modify
;;;  various settings (page size,...).

;;;  Warning: the utility must be launched prior to using this code (if someone
;;;  wants to write an oapp to automatically open it, I can include it below).

The package contains the lisp code, the showpages application (thanks
sumiya) and a short sample postscript file (generated by clim if you want
to know).

Feel free to use and improve this.


Keunen Vincent
R&D, Software Engineer
tel: +32 41 407282
fax: +32 41 481170