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setting arglist / doc-strings

  I developed a macro which sets the arglist of a function, 
so that when the user types the function name, the arglist 
appears on the bottom of the Listener window. It will also 
send the function's name, arglist, and doc-string out on an 
output stream. The latter functionality enables me to quickly 
produce an up-to-date function listing, and avoid the 
problems inherent in maintaining documentation separate from 
the code. The code is:

(defmacro defunky (name lambda-list &optional doc-string
                                    &rest body)
  (setf (arglist name) lambda-list)
  (format *doc-stream* "~a~%~a~%"
      (cons name lambda-list)
      (if (stringp doc-string) ;Is this really a doc-string?
          (format nil "~a~%" doc-string) 
           ""))                ;    No, don't send it

 `(defun ,name ,lambda-list ,doc-string ,@body)

  This will not allow declarations to precede the doc-string, 
as defun will do, but otherwise it should be functionally 
equivalent. There is a related macro, called defmacroid, 
which is identical to defunky, except for the call to defun, 
which is replaced by a call to defmacro.

My questions are:

1) Will MCL still be able to compile (effectively) my
   functions defined via defunky? (and macros via defmacroid)

2) Is there a means to add my doc-strings to MCL's on-line 
   documentation system? 

3) I put defunky in the :CCL package, so that anybody can get
   at it. I assume that's poor practice, but figured as long 
   as I keep the number of symbols added to :CCL minimal, I 
   should be OK. Opinions?

4) Wouldn't it be neat if MCL set the arglist to the actual
   lambda-list, instead of (arg1 arg2 ..)

5) Wouldn't it be neat if MCL actually kept the doc-string, 
   so could interate over all exported symbols, spitting out
   documentation & arglist for every function?

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