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Contributed code

In article <9305282232.AA25813@cambridge.apple.com> straz@cambridge.apple.com (Steve Strassmann) writes:
>Yes, it does need to be fixed. I think it'd be great if you know
>someone who could volunteer to help the Lisp standards committee
>(X3J13) define and implement a standard defsystem. As I understand
>it, they're short on volunteers these days, so your help would be
>greatly appreciated. It's probably better to hold this discussion
>on the general lisp group (comp.lang.lisp) rather than on Info-MCL, since
>it affects all Common Lisp users equally.

There is a proposal, by Kent Pitman, but there were several problems
with it, so it was rejected. (One of the key problems with it from my
point of view is that it assumes a procedural defsystem instead of a
structural defsystem.) If I ever get enough free time, I'll try
merging Kent's proposal with a structural proposal.

>In the meantime, please feel free to help organize the contrib dir at 
>cambridge.apple.com! I recommend that you publish a template, and help 
>authors convert their code to fit it. I'm sure Mark Kantrowitz, who
>maintains the cl-utilities repository at CMU, would also be interested
>in such an effort.

I'd be interested in any such effort. A key problem with the MCL
archives is there are several files with a bunch of utilities bundled
together; to use any of them, you have to use all of them.