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Contributed code

At 22:58 28/05/93 +0000, Daniel LaLiberte wrote :
>I think all this contributed software is great.  But I have a problem
>with the bundling that some people do.  Packages are much easier to
>use if they are unbundled and with as few dependencies on other
>packages as possible.  If there is a problem with assuming a standard
>defsystem, then that needs to be fixed.  If there is not a good way
>to express dependencies, then that needs to be fixed.  

I suggest we start by using the defsystem from the lisp-utilities
repository.  It is portable (although I had problems running it under MCL
2.0p1, anyone got it to work?).  Cartier's defunit is very nice indeed, but
unfortunately, it's not portable.  It would be good if Cartier's code could
be added to the standard defsystem.  No need to implement everything for
all platforms, just make it compatable.  So everyone could use the standard
defsystem and mcl users would simply get more stuff.

>I continue to be surprised by the level and number of contributions
>for the Common Lisp world relative to the GNU Emacs Lisp world.
>I'm not sure what the reasons for this are, other than that GNU Emacs is
>free.  I would think that the Common Lisp world would have things better
>organized by now.

You are right.  And I'm also suprised by the low volume of code in the CLOS
respository (two contribs I believe).  CLIM is a bit better, but it's not
that big either.  Maybe we should set up a small text describing these lisp
code repositories and regularly post it to all lisp mailing lists?  I do
that for the clim part, but it gets only posted to the clim list.  Maybe
it's not enough.


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