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MCL CLIM 1.1- adding a CLIM

Subject:   MCL CLIM 1.1: adding a CLIM frame as a MCL menu-item
Is there anyway to add a CLIM frame creation as an MCL menu-item?  The obvious
way does not work because CLIM does not return and MCL will not reactivate the
top-level menu or allow other top-level events until the menu-item-action
returns.  Here's what I tried:

(ccl::add-menu-items menu
                         (make-instance 'ccl::menu-item
                                 :menu-item-title "Xref browser"
                                 :menu-item-action #'(lambda ()
                                 :help-spec "Start the xref-browser (by Don

As soon as xref-browser displays its command table as a menu in the menubar
(through the automatic process not a manual process), Lisp gets stuck waiting
for 'xref-browser to return (none of xref-browser's commands are active at that

Actually, a related and more significant question is how to create a CLIM
process that operates as yet another window under MCL (i.e., goes into
background when another window is selected and lets MCL take back over).

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