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MCL CLIM patches- changing

Subject:   MCL CLIM patches: changing layouts, using colors
In regards to my complaint a few weeks ago about the secrecy of the available
CLIM patches for MCL, I thought I'd publicize the information on the two that I've
received.  If everyone who has received a patch does this, then we should have
somewhat of a good image of what's available.

BTW: what's the best newsgroup for this information? Info-mcl or clim?

Premature-pane-death-patch: This patch makes changing layouts work and possibly
makes clear pane and other such things work.  Because the patch is distributed
as a binhex fasl file, it's impossible to tell exactly what it patches.  (I
tried setting :verbose and :print to t).

bug-7119: This patch enables CLIM applications to use all the colors available
on the MacIntosh (without it I could only get around 10 unique colors).

I apologize if this note in some way violates licensing agreements.  I'd have a
hard time understanding why and for what benefit.

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