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setting arglist / doc-strings

  Wow, MCL is nicer than I thought. All of my function-defining hacks 
are unnessasary. From e-mail I've recieved (thanks, folks), I've
learned that the following globals effect just the changes my hacks did:

(setq *save-doc-strings* T)
; Not only are doc-strings saved, but available via the 
; Tools/Documentation menu, and <ctrl>-X <ctrl>-D on the symbol in question.

(setq ccl::*save-arglist-info* T)  
; For macros, set arglist to actual argument names

(setq *save-local-symbols* T)
; For functions, set arglist to actual argument names  

(setq *fasl-save-local-symbols* T)
; As above, for compiled functions


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