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Macintosh Software Toolsmiths - NC (US)


		    OOD/OOP Specialists

An object-oriented software products and services company is seeking
highly qualified software toolsmiths for developing an advanced
business application on the Apple Macintosh.  Successful candidates
will be distinguished by:

	*strong object-oriented design and programming skills
	*proven ability to manufacture reusable software components
	*intimate knowledge of Macintosh internals
	*experience with large-scale software development
	*dedication to producing quality software

Expertise with MPW & C/C++ or Macintosh Common Lisp is required.
Knowledge of Apple Events, database interfaces, and intelligent
GUIs is highly desirable.

This outstanding career opportunity will require travel or relocation
to a site in the North Central US.  We offer excellent salaries and 
benefits and are an equal opportunity employer.  Send your resume and
salary requirements in confidence to:

	235 Pine Street 13th Floor
	San Francisco, CA  94104
	Fax:  415/394-6688
	Email:  recruit@inference.com