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status of *print-readably*

At  3:06 AM 6/4/93 +0000, Ranson wrote:
>I think this is exactly what *print-readably* is supposed to do. Either print
>readably (when if can) or signal an error.
>     Daniel.

Daniel is correct, except that MCL really should be nicer about this.
Note that it will normally print structures readably. If, however, you
set *print-structure* to NIL, it won't. That must have been it's value
in Daniel Suthers' world. I've prepared a patch for inclusion in patch 3
for MCL 2.0 that makes MCL's structure printing ignore *print-structure*
if *print-readably* is true. If you want it before then, ask for
"readable-structure-patch" (note that I probably won't send
you the patch until my vacation is over two weeks from now).