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Interactive drawing in MCL?

At 12:07 5/06/93 -0400, Robert Futrelle wrote :
>Does anyone have, or have pointers to, MCL code for
>interactive drawing? 

There is a small graphics editor (ala Macdraw) in the clim code repository.
 It works under MCL if you have clim 1.1.

>General information about the clim-library:
>The clim-library is a repository for user contributed code for the clim
>environment.  CLIM is "Common Lisp Interface Manager", the standard
>being developed and supported by most lisp providers (Symbolics, Lucid,
>Franz, Harlequin, Apple,...).
>Access is available to anyone by anonymous ftp.  Ask your system manager
>if you don't know how to ftp from your machine.  Do a ftp to
>cambridge.apple.com (, enter "anonymous" as user-id, then
><your-name>@<your-host.domain> as the password.
>Use the ftp "cd pub/clim" command to change to the correct directory and
>try "dir" to see the directory. (use "help" to see other ftp commands)
>To get files use the ftp "get" command, to put your files on the server,
>use "put".


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