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Has anyone ported StarLisp Simulator to MCL2.0? Help!

First of all, yes, I've got the latest version, ftp'ed days ago from the
cambridge.apple.com site.

Here's what I get when trying to run the make:
(several files are compiled/loaded)
Loading "smallAppDisk:MCL 2.0:StarLisp Simulator:f19:geometries.fasl"

Loading "smallAppDisk:MCL 2.0:StarLisp Simulator:f19:simulator-specification.fasl"
> Error: There is no package named "NIL" .
> While executing: CCL::PKG-ARG
> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
> If continued: Retry finding package with name "NIL".
See the RestartsI menu item for further choices.
1 > 

So I do a Restart:

Invoking restart: Make "NIL" be a nickname for package "*SIM-I"

(several files are compiled/loaded)

Loading "smallAppDisk:MCL 2.0:StarLisp Simulator:f19:stardefvars.fasl"
;Compiler warnings for "smallAppDisk:MCL 2.0:StarLisp Simulator:f19:cold-boot.lisp" :
;   Unused lexical variable INSIDE-*COLD-BOOT-P, in *COLD-BOOT-1.
;   Unused lexical variable VALUE, in SET-PARIS-SAFETY.
;   Unused lexical variable FORM, in DELETE-INITIALIZATION.
Loading "smallAppDisk:MCL 2.0:StarLisp Simulator:f19:cold-boot.fasl"
> Error: While compiling SET-VECTOR-CONDITIONALLY :
>        DECLARE not expected in (DECLARE (TYPE BIT-VECTOR #:LOCAL-CSS-163)).
> Type Command-. to abort.

I tried editing the cold-boot.lisp file (I even purged all the declarations!),
and it still crashed the same way.

Has anyone succeeded at all?

(I'm not really into blasphemy, but why do C applications seem *so* much
easier to build and port than Lisp apps?  I've rarely not been able to port
C stuff, whereas the reverse is true for the *few* common lisp apps that are
out there. :^(  )

Thanks to anyone who can help.